Sunday, April 10, 2016

Songs 203-205

Taking a break from the popular tunes today and shifting to some classical music. I had hesitated to do so because much of classical music recordings are performances of older songs. Can we really call them tunes of the (19) eighties if they were written in the 19th century? I'm doing so because these particular recordings were notable for the era, at least for me. Beginning with the Marsalis brothers. As a sax player, listening to Branford was very important to my growth as a player. He demonstrated that the sax could be played in any setting. This is Arabesque No. 1 by Claude DeBussy off of Branford's Romances for the Saxophone album (1986)

I also enjoyed listening to Wynton because of how awesome he was. There is no shame in working hard and aspiring to have technical and musical chops like Wynton demonstrated on Carnival of Venice (also 1986)

Finish up with someone who was a very straightforward traditional classical performer in the eighties but has since done anything and everything. Yo-Yo Ma first broke out of the normal classical recordings with an album of Cole Porter jazz tunes in 1989. Here's Anything Goes (1989)

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