Sunday, February 28, 2016

Songs 77-79

After putting up some St. Elmo's Fire songs yesterday, I have other eighties movies songs in my head this morning. Were the eighties the peak of movie songs?

We'll begin with Go West doing King of Wishful Thinking from the Pretty Woman soundtrack. No we won't. 1990. I could have sworn I watched that movie in high school. Oh well.

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (1982) which ended up the theme song for Rocky III

I'm Alright (1980) by Kenny Loggins from the movie Caddyshack (we called it the Go-go Gopher song back in the day). I think I could have found a few Loggins movie songs. Danger Zone from Top Gun. Footloose. I expect there's more

Since I brought up Footloose, let's add Let's Hear It For the Boy by Deniece Williams (1984)

Bonus video clip. Seeing how Deniece Williams spells her name made me think of a Key and Peele bit:

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