Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hi there!

My name is Jon and my childhood was spent mostly in the 1980's. In my old age, I find that I still enjoy and appreciate the songs from that era.

I am employed as a statistician and at the end of January, I realized that on Groundhog Day, there would be 333 days remaining in the year. That in turn made me think about recruiting my peers Jason from Los Angeles and Steve from Chicago, with whom I e-mail regularly to start a blog about songs from the eighties. The idea would be that each of us would choose a song from the eighties each day for the rest of the year. Three times 333 gives us 999 and we would throw in a song to make it an even 1,000. To make it interesting and challenging, I suggested we have a restriction that no artist could appear twice over the course of the year.

I proposed the idea to Steve and Jason and it did not go over well. Steve does not share my love for the era (he is actually much more fond of the 1880's). Jason was game if we expanded it to cover all eras and also include multiple songs by each artist because he couldn't limit his love for Liz Phair to a single song.

So I did what anyone would do faced with such a situation. I took my songs and went home. I'm going to do this my way (Frank Sinatra was an eighties artist, right?) and I'm going to do a blog, damn it, because blogs are dead (and I love that Blogger underlines blog and Blogger as misspelled words). It is my hope that people enjoy this in their RSS feeds.

Some other points to make before I put up the first song. I'm not getting ahead of myself. I'm not making lists of songs to add, I'm not posting posts in advance. I'm not purchasing I Love the 80's compilations looking for ideas. Each day I will come up with three songs. I'm winging this (hey! that gives me an idea for the first song!). Songs may or not may be popular but most will probably be because that is how I heard of them. I will include jazz and new age music because I listened to that when I was a kid. I will not take requests. That's about it. So without further ado, we will start with Winger's Seventeen (1988):

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