Thursday, May 12, 2016

Songs 299-301

To celebrate the 300th song on this blog, we'll end this post with a special performer for the ladies. But first...
Xymox - Obsession (1989)

Ministry - I Wanted to Tell Her (1983)

And now, an artist who had many hits in the 1980's. I'm putting my favorite. I want to tell you that I love this song, but the point is probably moot. So without further ado....
Rick Springfield - Rock of Life (1988)

What's that? That's not the song you think of when you think of Rick Springfield? You want to hear the song he's better known for? Fine. Don't say I never give you anything.
Rick Springfield - Honeymoon in Beirut (1988)

Really? That's not the song you were thinking of either? Something older? I guess you were a General Hospital fan. Here's Jessie's Girl (1981)

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