Thursday, March 31, 2016

Songs 173-175

Some of my many thousands of loyal followers may be asking things like, "Really, Jon? You thought of Strawberry Switchblade before you thought of Prince?". And the answer to that is, of course not. I think of Prince almost every day. Prince is awesome. But because the idiot who structured this blog decided each artist could only be included once, well, do I really want to go the rest of the year with no potential of having Prince show up? Of course not. The possibility of Prince, in my mind, is better than having Prince included in this blog at this stage. Likewise with my all-time favorite eighties tune. It will show up eventually. Just not now. It's tough doing a blog like this and trying to keep a nice blend of songs and artists without going through the big names and tunes early. That's why you get some of the more obscure bands or genres that didn't get popular play (I feel like I've done a decent job of punk representation early on, for instance). Just thought I'd let you know what goes on in my head.
Speaking of which, let's add some more punk and get the Misfits going on here with Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight (1982)

We'll go from one Jersey artist to another. Bruce Springsteen and Glory Days (1985)

Keep the baseball theme going with John Fogerty's Centerfield (1985)

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